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Phototrap Model 33
Welcome to the NEW Phototrap.com
The Phototrap is a high speed photographic trigger system. From photographing wildlife in the outback
to Studio Photography the Phototrap is truly the ultimate photographic trigger system. Thanks to its versatile trigger capabilities you’ll have the accuracy and dependability that users of the Phototrap have grown to love. This easy to use system offers durable construction in a compact easy to transport case. Come Attend one of our photography workshops or private photo sessions at our facilities at The Pond and at Elephant Head. At the pond you love the opportunity to photograph many different species of birds, bats and insects all in a outdoor studio setting.  Be sure to request
a demo of the Phototrap and see what shots you’ve been missing.

Phototrap Model 33
The Model 33 is a must have
for wildlife photographers.
This Model comes
everything you need to start
shooting those hard-to-get

Phototrap Model 33 Package
$459.99 + Shipping
Package Includes:
1 Phototrap Model 33
1 set of Beams
1 25ft Cable for Canon or Nikon
1 Reflector

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Add $20.00 Shipping for U.S. orders
Add $60.00 Shipping for international orders
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