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The Pond At Elephant Head
The Pond at Elephant Head is a great place to photograph birds, mammals, butterflies, bats, and other insects and reptiles. 
Near to the world-renowned Madera Canyon just south of Tucson Arizona, The Pond at Elephant Head offers a  fenced location to ensure the privacy and security of your stay. The Pond offers many great perches, native plants, shrubs, rocks, and moveable nature props.        Moveable camouflage blinds are available. 
A restroom, refrigerator, and bottled water are supplied to make your visit to The Pond enjoyable and comfortable.
A 1600 sq ft area for hummers and other stuido work is available.

Wildlife List

*There is no guarantee you will see any of the Wildlife List at any given time.

*There is no guarantee you will see any of the Wildlife List at any given time.





Hooded Oriole

Black Tailed Jackrabbit


Bullock’s Oriole

White Tailed Jackrabbit



Antelope Squirrel


Greater Road Runner



Cooper’s Hawk

Kangaroo Rat


Red-Tailed Hawk

Cottontail Rabbit


Lesser Goldfinch



American Goldfinch



House Finch



Brewer’s Blackbird






Ladderback Woodpecker



Gila Woodpecker



Mourning Dove

Pipevine Swallowtail

Pallid Bat

Inca Dove


Mexican Long Nosed Bat

Whitewing Dove


Lesser Long Tongued Bat


Gulf Fritillary

Big Brown Bat




Cactus Wren



Western Kingbird



Vermillion Flycatcher






Northern Cardinal


Colorado River Toads

Gamble’s Quail


Diamondback Rattlesnake

Turkey Vultures


Horned Lizards

Canyon Towhee



Green Tailed Towhee



Rufous Crown Sparrow



Brewers Sparrow



White Crown Sparrow



Says Phoebee





This is a fee area …by Reservations Only




Limited to no more than 4 photographers that know each other.

One Family Member non photographer / Assistant Can Be Included at no cost.

One Photographer                   $100.00

                                $100.00 All Day/Each   

Two Photographers                 $100.00

all day Day/Each

                                 $100.00  All Day/Each

Butterfly Photography

Please call for group rates.

Photography Guides

Please call for group rates.

Bat Photography

Please call for group rates.

Workshop Operators

Please call for group rates.






One RV Hookup Available

Sewer, water, electricity            $30.00 per Day

Private detached Guesthouse with Patio

Bunk Bed (double/single) ,shower, toilet, sink, air, small refrigerator and microwave.

                                                 $50.00 Per Night

                                                 $60.00/Two People






RESERVATIONS:  520.444.6649


1) South on I-19 from Tucson. Approx. 35 Miles.

2) One exit South of Madera Canyon exit.

Exit 56 - Canoa Road

3) Turn left under freeway.

4) Turn right at stop sign on East Frontage Road.

5) Go 2-½ miles South on Frontage Road.

6) Turn left on Elephant Head Road.

7) Go 2 miles until l road road turns sharp left.

8) Drive approximately ½ mile and continue thru S curve on another 1 mile to Dove Way Veer left through S curve.

9) turn right on Dove Way.

10) Go 1 mile till pavement turns to dirt road.

11) Continue 200ft - to first driveway left.

1500 W Dove Way, Amado, Arizona 85645



Turn left into drive way and follow fence on your left to the gate(90ft).

Turn left throughthe gate and follow the road to the barn. Your there!